Forum Thread: How to Look for Legitimate Online Money Earning Sources

How to Look for Legitimate Online Money Earning Sources

This tutorial in focused on how to look for legitimate online money earning sources. There are thousands of website who claim that they pay their users for doing some tasks but the truth is very few of them actually pay. I am writing this to give you an idea where to look for those good sources who do pay you.

Step 1: Look for Good Blogs Who Review Such Sources

There are many blogs on the Internet where you can find reviews on good real sources for earning money online. and are two examples of such blogs where they have published some excellent sources for freelancers, writers, teachers and bloggers to join some sources and start earning money online.

Step 2: Join Freelancing Portals and Take Projects

The other way is to join some popular online Freelancing portals and start bidding on the projects related to your field. Where you are a writer, developer or a desginer, you can get some projects on these portals and start earning right away. Example of such portals are and

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