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There are hundreds of websites that claim you can win cash or prizes by signing up and using their website. Sadly, most of these are scams but there are a couple out there that are legitimate. I have investigated many of these websites and tried them out personally, with many failures. The one that sticks out the most, for me and many other people, is Beezag is a website that hooks you up with companies that are currently offering cash or sweepstakes entries for prizes they are giving away. Many of the prizes are pretty cool but if you are all about the almighty dollar then beezag can also be your place.

Beezag works by offering you ads to watch. Once you have watched a full video advertisement you will get points, which can be turned in to cash, or be entered in to a sweepstakes. There is no cheating on watching the ads, at random times throughout the ads numbers go down the sides of the screen and you have to put in these numbers at the end of the ad to get your points or sweepstakes entry. I should also add that 8,000 points will get you $8.00 which can be sent via mail in the form of a check. Each ads is around 400 points. To get ads you have to answer questions about what products you like or use. When a new ad match is made, it will show up in your email. Beezag is used for your free time, you will not make a lot of money on it but you can easily get that beer money for the next week with it. Head over to Beezag to start your earning process today at!

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