News: KGB Agent Guidelines

KGB Agent Guidelines

These are the KGB Agent Guidelines as taken from

kgb Guidelines

The Ten Principles of kgb's 542542 text answering service

  • We are in the answer business because we believe in the value of building a collaborative knowledge community where every member can add to the evolving knowledge base upon which the entire community can draw, and from which we can all benefit.
  • The kgb community is open to everyone and we welcome all questions as long as they do not suggest content that is mean spirited, criminal, or otherwise deemed inappropriate. The job of setting standards for appropriate content rests ultimately with the kgb content team, though we always welcome discussion inside the kgb community about how the definition of knowledge – subjective as it is – should expand and evolve.
  • If we deem a question inappropriate, we pledge to explain our decision to any member of the kgb community who wants to know more about how we made the determination. We welcome discussion and even dissent because history shows that when discussion is discouraged or limited, the growth of knowledge is compromised.
  • We pledge to communicate with the kgb community with integrity and set the highest ethical standards that both respect and protect our community as a whole; when we make decisions about the appropriateness of content, we will always try to err on the side of respect. If we have one job aside from providing precise answers to whatever questions we receive, it is to ensure that our answers do not cause harm. So we will always try to err on the side of protecting our members.
  • Our aim is to provide high quality answers that are of value to our users. We pledge to provide accessible means for seeking credit for members of our community who feel we did not deliver on our promise to provide the information they requested.
  • In the unlikely event we discover that one of our kgb agents has willfully acted in a manner that is disrespectful or otherwise not protective of the members of the kgb community, we will ensure that such a rogue agent is permanently removed from their post. On our Web site, community members will always have access to feedback mechanisms to make us aware of any actions they feel are inappropriate.
  • We will always welcome the opinions of members of the kgb community and particularly feedback on how well we are answering questions. We pledge to use good ideas we get from the kgb community to improve our products and services whenever possible.
  • We pledge to answer every question we receive with professionalism and a genuine attempt to reply not just with relevant information you seek, but in the spirit of your question: Serious questions will yield serious answers, while more lighthearted, even silly questions, will yield more lighthearted answers.
  • We try to provide the precise answer to whatever question members of the kgb community send us. Objective questions will yield objective answers, but if you ask for an opinion, you just might get it.
  • We believe knowledge generation is a two-way street: The smarter the question, the smarter our answers.

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I passed the test and was ready to start answering questions. And then they never sent me an email (that they promised) so that I could start my training.

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