Gomez PEER: Paid Distributed Computing

Paid Distributed Computing

Have you ever left your computer one all night? Maybe downloading something, or just out of habit? Well there is a way you can turn that unused CPU usage in to cold hard cash: Distributed Computing. 

The Gomez PEER computing project sends data to your computer to be analyzed while you are using or not using your computer. The more time you log on Gomez PEER the more money you will make. This project does not pay very much but it's a good way to make some extra cash each month while you are writing articles, answering questions, surveys or answering question. You have to get qualified as a paid applicant but it doesn't take very long if you have a high speed connection. You can also tell the program how much usage you want it to take up. So head on over to http://www.gomezpeerzone.com/ and apply today!

Good luck!

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Don't you think that's kind of sketchy? I would never want some random company to have access to my computer usage.

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