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The Money Making Macro

In Google definitions a macro is defined as "a single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language". Basically a macro is a programming script that tells the computer what to do. You can tell a computer (via a macro) to move a mouse, click, type or do any task that a computer can do with automation. There are also many (primitive) computer viruses that are coded entirely in a macro script. There are many ways to create a macro script but I will only go over a very simple one.

To make money using a macro is fairly easy. There are many different ways to apply a macro to something to automate a task which, in return, will give a payout. I will only be discussing one way but think outside of the box and try to apply this to other things, online, that this could be used for. The list is infinite.

You can create a simple macro script to automate ChaCha replies to questions. You are paid $0.02 by ChaCha for each question you answer. You can run this script all day and night to earn endlessly without any effort on your part (besides the initial work). Here's how you will get started:

Step 1 Step 1 Sign Up

Go to ChaCha's Become a Guide section and sign up.

Step 2 Step 2 Step 2 Step 2 Watch the Videos

You will have to review a series of videos that teach you how the ChaCha system works.

Step 3 Step 3 Take the Test

In order to be accepted, you need to pass their test. Make sure you pass! You only have one shot at taking the test. If you fail, then you have to forget about making cash with ChaCha.

Step 4 Step 4 Wait

After all that, now you just have to wait for your acceptance email.

Step 5 Step 5 Start ChaCha-ing

To get paid, you can chose the pay me monthly option, which will direct deposit your earnings into your bank account on the 14th of every month. The next option is Pay Me Now., for which you have to set up a bank account with First Internet Bank of Indiana and wait for your debit card and pin in order to transfer funds immediately to your account.

After you have successfully gotten your account approved you can take two paths. The first is to answer each question by yourself, your second is to get a macro that will do it for you!

If you have chosen the path to make a macro to earn for you, keep reading. From here there are also two paths you can choose, one is write the macro yourself or the second is to download a macro recorder. A macro recorder with record what mouse movements and clicks you want to occur at a given moment. Now before I get in to that I will tell you that ChaCha uses a system, if you will, to help you answer the questions customers ask. The java application that you use to answer them is a constant, it will always look and be the same. You can use this to your advantage!

First I will briefly go over how to write your own macro script. First you need to download a macro editor and player, I suggest Macro Scheduler by mjtnet. Next you will need to open ChaCha and start a question. You will need to put your mouse point at where it says, 'OK' to accept the question. Mark down the X,Y coordinates of that. Then put your mouse where it says 'Expedite' record those X,Y coordinates. Then put your mouse where the first answer to the expedited question is and record those X,Y coordinates. Finally put your mouse where it says 'Send' and record those X,Y coordinates. Go back to your macro editor and add a 'mousemove' action and plug the the X,Y coordinates of each of the ones that you have recorded. This will tell the mouse where to go. Next you want to add a 'click' action after each of those X,Y 'mousemove' coordinates. This tells the mouse to click after the mouse has been placed a certain spot. Then you want to put a delay between each of them, because it takes time for ChaCha to load each action, and it's also dependant on your internet connection. You can now play back this script and put it on loop to automatically answer your ChaCha questions.

Next is the easy way. You can use the Macro Scheduler program that I mentioned earlier with this way as well. Open ChaCha and choose Available, then go back to Macro Scheduler and tell it to record. Then answer and expedite a ChaCha question as you usually would. Then stop the recording in Macro Scheduler. You can now play back this script and put it on loop to automatically answer your ChaCha questions.

You can run this script day and night to earn money for you with very little monitoring. There will be some instances in which you will have to intervene in the script, but you will understand how it all works once you try it for yourself. You will also have to make some small tweaks in the script as you will find some errors in the way it handles. It takes about 10 seconds to answer a question on ChaCha with this script. Each answer pays $0.02 cents, so if you were running this script (error free) all day and night (24 hours) you would make a cool $172.80. Enjoy!

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