LiveOps: High Paying Home Call Operator

High Paying Home Call Operator

LiveOps is a web-based company that employs work-at-home employees to work as call operators. It is a top-notch call center that offers employees to take a range of different approaches to what they will be doing their time at LiveOps.

Agents are sales agents that use their skills to sell over the phone, in the comfort of their own home. To get started LiveOps has an online university where you will learn everything there is to know about how to approach a call, and more importantly the products and services you will be peddling. 

There are four types of agents that are employed by LiveOps:

  • Advanced Sales Agent
  • Bilingual Agent
  • Licensed Insurance Agent
  • Outbound Agent
  • Roadside Assistance Agent

Independent Advanced Sales Agents can typically invoice LiveOps $.10 per talk minute with additional POPs (payment per sale/order) ranging $2.00 - $10.00 depending on the product sold. The average Independent Advanced Sales Agent can invoice $9.62 per 30 minute block.

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