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If you have tried answering services like KGB or ChaCha than you love I don't know about you guys but when I worked for ChaCha, my approval rating was constantly going down on questions that were accurate. It got so frustrating to the point that I quit and looked for other opportunities. Finally, after combing the internet thoroughly for months I have found a ChaCha like service that pays even more! is an answering service like ChaCha, customers can text or ask Weegy experts online anything. The expert will then take on the question and answer it in a conversation like application. If the customer is satisfied with the answer they will accept it and you get paid $0.10 for each answer. The payout is through paypal and you must have accrued $20.00 to get the payout. I love Weegy, but sometimes it takes a while to get someone to ask you something. Not a get rich program, but you can definitely make some dough on it. Check it out at

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is unit km/h/s is sme to as km/s/h

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