News: Extra Income From Blogging

Extra Income From Blogging

There is a up and coming website which seems to be creating quite a stir in the internet world, more specifically in the bloggers world. While WonderHowTo is a good website to get paid to blog on How To articles, there are other great websites that offer the same service. I routinely mention them here on WonderHowTo and some can be found in the links section, but this website is different. Most Blog-and-Pay websites use the Google Adsense program, such as WHT, but some people will actually pay you to blog, directly! 

Blogvertise is a new blog website that will pay you directly to blog. Veteran bloggers can sign up on their website and try to become noticed by producing high quality blogs. When Blogvertise likes your posts and decides that you are a quality blogger, they will pick you up and pay you cash for each blog post. They hook you up with companies and advertisers that are desperate to get their product or service noticed by more people. When Blogvertise gives you the job, they will ask you to mention and blog about a certain product or service. Once your blog is approved it will be posted, obviously. You will then get paid quite a good amount of cash directly from the advertiser or company seeking your blogging skills. All payments are made through Paypal. This website is really something to keep your eye on, they will definitely be coming up in the blogging world and be more widely noticed. Get ahead of the game and head over to to sign up and get jobs!

Good luck!

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I tried to do this! I would blog like everyday and then I never made any money from it!

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